Around the Campus



Bus stops nearby: No.13 , 62 , 75 , 95 , 117 , 119 , 130 , 300 fast (inner ring), 367 , 379 , 419 , 464 , 479 , 547 , 596 , 601 , 607 , 641 , 671 , 674 , 684 , 847 , 866, 916(fast), 942(fast), 980(fast), Te 8 (inner and outer ring), Te 16, 104.



Subway stations nearby: Line 5 Heping west bridge station, line 10 huixin west street nankou, line 13 Guangxi men station.


Food and beverage


Chinese Restaurants

Jingjiayuan Restaurant: Turn right and walk 20meters from the west gate of BUCM.

Jingguanlou Restaurant: Turn left and walk 100meters from the west gate of BUCM.

MeizhouDongpo Restaurant: Turn right and walk 110meters from the west gate of BUCM, then turn right and walk 10 meters.

Fast Food

Bipaike Restaurant: Turn left and walk 130meters from the west gate of BUCM.

KFC: Right turn and walk 110meters from the west gate of BUCM, turn left and cross the street, then walk 50 meters towards the north.

McDonald: Turn right and walk 300meters from the south gate of BUCM, turn left and cross the street, then walk 100 meters towards the west.




Jing GangWan Hotel: In-school Hotel, near the east gate of BUCM. Tel: +86-10-64286432/7432

HuiQiao Hotel: Turn right at the west gate of BUCM for 110meters walking distance, turn left, cross the street, and then walk 500 meters to the north. Tel:+86-10- 64918811




ABC: Turn right at the south gate of BUCM, walk about 230 meters and arrive.

ICBC: Turn right at the west gate of BUCM, walk 110 meters and then turn left, cross the road and arrive.

BOC: Turn right at the west gate of BUCM, walk about 110 meters, turn left, cross the street, walk 200meters towards the north and arrive.

(Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-16:00, 24-hour self-service banking next door)




China-Japan Friendship Hospital:Turn right and walk 200 meters from the west gate of BUCM.




Jingkelong Store: Walking 10 meters south from the west gate , then cross the street.

Jingkelong Supermarket: Turn right and walk 110 meters from the west gate of BUCM, turn left across the street, and walk 150 meters to the north.

The Aegean Shopping Center: Turn left and walk 700 meters from the south gate of BUCM, turn left and go downstairs and walk 30 meters.