1.The Leading Institution for TCM

1.1 Highly Qualified English and Chinese Teaching Staff 

The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is the only university of TCM selected by the Ministry of Education as a demonstration centre for international education. The faculty consists of 3202 members, 1179 of whom are professional teaching staff including 397 doctorate degree supervisors, with 80% of them holding a master degree, while 63% of the teachers are senior professionals.

1.2 The Finest Affiliated Hospitals for Clinical Practice

BUCM has seven affiliated hospitals: Dongzhimen Hospital, Dongfang Hospital, The Third Affiliated Hospital, Zaozhuang Hospital, BUCM Shenzhen Hospital, Dalian City TCM Hospital and Sun Si Miao Hospital (Tong Chuan City TCM Hospital) , which in total provide 4,000 hospital beds. BUCM has 37 clinical teaching centres as well as China's most influential TCM clinic of Guoyitang, where over 200 Chinese medicine masters and experts are stationed long-term.

BUCM has set up Europe's first TCM hospital in Germany - the Quebec Quentin Hospital, and opened different TCM centres in different countries: the "Australian TCM Centre" in Sydney, Australia, the "Russian TCM Centre" in St. Petersburg, Russia and the "United States TCM Centre" in Maryland, United States. BUCM also operates the Kotzing TCM Clinic in Germany.

2. High Standards and Quality of Student Training in BUCM

BUCM offers 12 undergraduate major programs: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Medicine (including Acupuncture), Rehabilitation Therapy, Nursing (International Exchange major), Information Management and Information Systems, Business Administration (Pharmacy Management), Public Health Management (Business), English (Medicine, TCM International Exchange), Law (Medicine and Health), Chinese Herbal Medicine, Pharmacy and Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutics. All the programs offered encompass the features of Chinese medicine culture and distinguishing characteristics.

3. Comprehensive Clinical Training and Internship Arrangements

Clinical practice is arranged for 58 weeks for undergraduate students, with a variety of experiences throughout the learning period.

4. A Variety of High Value Scholarships

BUCM offers a variety of scholarships: The BUCM International Freshman Scholarship, The Chinese Government Scholarship(Full Scholarship), The China Ministry of Education Scholarship for Outstanding Self-funded Students as well as The Beijing Foreign Students Scholarship . More than 50% of freshmen and almost 20% of all enrolled students receive a scholarship.

5.Extensive Career Paths and Opportunities for Further Study

5.1  Work and Study in Beijing

Beijing, China’s cultural, economic, scientific and technological centre, provides graduates with a wide range of employment opportunities. Graduates of BUCM can take the National Physician Qualification Examination in China. International students of BUCM have a passing rate of over 60%, which is equivalent to the Chinese students. Students may choose to pursue master or doctoral degrees at BUCM or other institutions of TCM.

5.2  Opportunities for Work and Further Study in the Students Own Country

Graduates of BUCM are recognized and welcomed by medical institutions all over the world.