Cooperative Organizations

Brief Introduction

Lead My World

It is mainly engaged in bilateral exchange and study programs between China and the US.


It is an innovative enterprises engaged in international education exchange and service. It provides services to international students, foreign universities and educational institutions in China, and international course of teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

武汉在华网络科技有限公司Wuhan Technology Co. Ltd

It offers service to the overseas in the university application, education and training services and etc. in China.

CEL iNET Co.,Ltd.

It is mainly engaged in the abroad study projects for Korean students.

马来西亚英迪优升学辅导中心(EDU DOTCOM)

It is an overseas study service center, providing integrated service for students.


It is mainly engaged in the business of studying abroad between China and Thailand.

来华留学联盟 Overseas Union

It provides one-stop platform of information and service for the international students coming to China.

Beijing International Chinese College

Approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) is a professional educational institution devoted to the international promotion of Chinese language. Founded in 2005, BICC not only focuses on teaching international students Chinese language, but also offers training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. We integrate Chinese teaching resources and advanced learning methods to meet the needs of people of different nationalities, different age groups, and different education backgrounds. We would like to become the ambassador of Chinese language and culture. We are one of the executive members of the 8th Council of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching.