Person of the Year 2018, international school, BUCM


For commending outstanding International students, International School intends to select Person of The Year 2018 from all international students; winners can be prominent students of outstanding performance in certain aspects such as ideology, events, student affairs and etc. or ones of all-round development as well.

 1.Eligible Applicants

All International students who have been studying in BUCM for one academic year or above are eligible to apply for this award, including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students.

2.Standards for Candidates

(1).Being upright and having good personal morality;

(2).Respecting teachers,no violation of Chinese law,school rules&regulations;

(3).Working hard with good academic performances;

(4).Actively participating in on-campus or off-campus activities;

(5).Acting as a positive role model among international students.

3.Application & Evaluation process

International School of BUCM will set up a panel to single out candidates from all the applicants in accordance with the principle of “justice, equality and openness" and finally decide on lists of Person of the Year 2018. The applicants shall submit their transcript, certificates of awards and other supportive materials.

The evaluation is a combination of WeChat vote and face-to-face presentation. The panel of evaluation concludes: Deans, Students administration office, Class administrator and Student delegates.

4.Bonus points

(1) Moral evaluation:Candidates who do good deeds or offer help to others, 1-3 points shall be added for each deed (at discretion of the Assessment Panel)

(2)Academic evaluation: the average credit of the full academic year reaches 80 or above, 1 point shall be added. Once academic papers are published or achievements in scientific research published etc. (the education department must be Beijing University of Chinese Medicine), 1-3 points shall be added respectively as appropriate (specific points at discretion of the Assessment Panel).

(3)Evaluation of Participation in campus activities. Students should actively participate in scientific, cultural, sport, volunteer activities organized by the University or international School. During the period of evaluation, for each valid participation, 1 point shall be added, and another 0.5 points if nominated.

For those who have participated on behalf of the University in the municipal, state-level competitions,2 points shall be added for each participation, an additional 0.5 -2 points shall be added if winning a prize (specific points ruled by the Assessment Panel). If more than one prize rewarded in a competition, point-adding will be based on the higher or highest level one without accumulation.

(4).Evaluation of student work. Those who worked as a class monitor or a WeChat group member for one year and passed the final appraisal, will get 3 points; six months, 1.5 points; no point is added for less than 6 months.

(5). Contributions to Mybeijing WeChat Official account. For each published article plus 0.5 point. (the members of WeChat team who contribute more than 10 articles annually will be privileged of points addition, plus 0.5 points for each article thereafter the tenth article), up to 3 points in total.

(6). For those presenters, material compiler and PPT producers who contribute to international school in all kinds of assessments, 1 point shall be awarded (the three items are not accumulated).

 5. Schedule of the Selection

  1. Term of application: Nov.5th to Dec.10th
  2. Term of voting: Dec.10th to Dec.13th
  3. Term of evaluation: Dec.14th to Dec.20th  
  4. Term of displaying results: Dec.20th to Dec.23rd

6. Awards

  1. A certification and Certain prize
  2. Stories of PERSON OF THE YEAR will be displayed on mybeijing WeChat official account.
  3. Winners will be added up three points in the next annual scholarship evaluation(accumulative)

7. Application Materials

Every applicant shall submit the following materials:

(1) Application form of person of the year,2018(paper and electronic version)

(2) two digital copies of photos of the applicant

(3) a brief self-introduction (about 1500 words; Microsoft Word version; including              applicant's nationality, major and an introduction about your achievements of 2018

(4) the certificates of the bonus points (paper and electric copy)

8. Contacts

刘老师、祖老师 ;电话: 18911409750

Ms liu and Ms. ZU ; Tel: 18010096285

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