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A Letter to Alumni

Looking back, the International School of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) has been developed over a bright 57-year journey. As an international institute, we take teaching and carrying forward the culture of Chinese medicine as our own duty, we will continue to cultivate comprehensive talents with professional knowledge and skills, from all over the world, for human health career development services.

Alumni are our pride and joy,  they act as our beautiful name cards. You all came from different countries, study diligently with dreams of practicing Chinese medicine with solid professional knowledge. You have broadened your vision, cultivated your talent and have made friendship with students from all over the world. This will become the most precious wealth and memories in your life.

We strongly believe that you will work with your outstanding talent, excellent quality and extraordinary professional ability in your respective jobs to make a contribution to the development of Chinese medicine and human health. The College will continue to follow the idea of "Learning by Heart", continuously improving the quality of education to cultivate first-class talents of Chinese medicine from all over the world!
Lastly, wish every alumnus good health, better career and all the best!