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Short-Term Training

1.Admission Procedure

Submit application documents → Assessment of documents by BUCM   Receive the acceptance letter, Foreign Students VISA Application Form and JW202 form   Apply for VISA at the Chinese embassy of the students country of origin →  Arrive at school

2.Application Documents

2.1 Compulsory Documents

  • A photocopy of passport (original document is required when reporting to class.)
  • BUCM  Application Form for International Students(please refer to the attachment)
  • Photocopies of the student’s latest qualification certificate and transcripts (original documents are required when reporting to class.)
  • Interview video (about five minutes’self- introduction)
  • Letter of guarantee (please refer to the attachment) from a guarantor of Chinese nationality and a photocopy of their identity card

2.2 Optional Documents

  • Personal statement
  • Recommendation Letter from faculty members
  • The certificate for talent and skills (Level certificates or Honor certificates)
  • The certificate of Language proficiency (HSK 6 for Chinese program, IELTS and TOEFL for English program )

3. Application fee: 800CNY

4. Methods of Application:

4.1 Walk-in application: Applicants can submit their application documents at the BUCM International School’s Admission Office.

4.2 Online application: http://guoji.bucm.edu.cn

5.Tuition Fees